Your favorite Sweatshirt

Has Now Landed

The Huzu is one of the coolest innovations in sportswear and will redefine all of your outdoor activities.

• Its unique patented design maintains the sleek look of a traditional hoodie, but packs more functionality than a Swiss Army knife
• Insulated pocket for your beverage, iPod, or other valuables keeps you hands-free for grilling, corn hole, tossing the seed, or chillin out
• Headphone loop and hidden connection eyelet keep your headphones out of sight and conveniently tucked away to prevent tangling while exercising
• Neoprene construction keeps condensation from bleeding onto your hoodie
• Reinforced stitching keeps your beverage, ipod, and other valuables safe and sound
• Velcro seal makes storing cell phones, wallets, and other valuables discrete and secure

My Huzu Holds:

Everything You Need It To Hold

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